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Full Relaxation For Men

Naturist Massage 

Relaxation massages are usually given to a naked body, but if you're not at ease with nudity you may bring a bathsuit or keep a towel during the session.


Feel free to ask for a massage in the nude, where masseur and client are naked. This nudity is not an introduction to any sexual intercourse, but only the expression of a shared way of living.

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Paris 9 & Normandie


And if you have questions about the naturist massage for men, here are those that I most often got, with their answers. But nothing beats a real exchange, then please call me!

Is naturist massage for men a gay massage? The naturist massage is a massage where masseur and client are together equals in the nude, nothing else. A massage is not a sexual act and sexual orientation does not matter, the masseur may be gay or not, the client may be gay or not.


Might not naked massage cause an embarrassing physiological reaction? The reactions of the body, naked in a massage or not, are unpredictable, from the masseur it is unlikely, from the client it often happens given the release that can occur of his various energies during a sensual massage (sensual since the touch is in harmony with the client  inner feeling, outside any predetermined massage protocol). It is very natural and we should not fear or be embarrassed if this happens.

Do you practice only naturist massages? I give the possibility of a naturist massage, but never impose a massage in the nude. Above all, I really want that my client feels as comfortable as possible, naturist massage is an option, if my client wants to keep a towel on, or if my nudity is an embarrassment for him, there is no interest in naked massage, it is necessary that the person receiving the massage feels as confident and secure as possible.

Why are you proposing a naturist massage? I offer the possibility of naturist massages for different reasons. In this type of relaxing massage, the client is naked, I think it puts us on an equal footing  when I’m naked myself. Then, I find unpleasant when I receive massages to feel that the contact with the body of the masseur or masseuse is interrupted by the touch of a T-shirt, a jogging etc. Finally, being naturist myself, it seems natural to keep on being myself by offering a naturist massage! Naturist massages take place in the same mutual respect than in non-naturist massages. Naked massage is not the beginnings to a sexual intercourse.

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