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Full Relaxation For Men

Masseur certified from the Yumikoto Institute, specialised in relaxation, well being and personal development.

Pierre  +33 (0) 783 773 274   Email

Paris 9 & Normandie



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Any questions about my vocation for relaxation massages for men? Here are those that I most often got, with their answers. But nothing beats a real exchange, then please call me!

Why are you masseur? I always loved massage and I offered myself some training seminars a long time ago as other treat themselves with holidays. I discovered the pleasure of massage. It started like that.

Why massage for men? It’s the call of my clients who directed me in the way of massage for men. I quickly had a predominantly male clientele, so I thought that massage for men was my way. This is not the notion of gay massage or massage between gays who led me towards naturist massage for men, it’s simply that my masseur profile attracts mostly men, heterosexual or homosexual. Indeed many customers who ask me a naturist massage for men do not seem gay to me.


Why Naturist massage? The naturist massage seems very natural. During a relaxing massage, the client is often naked, being naked myself puts us in some kind of equality. And when I get a massage I do not like when the contact with the body of the masseur or masseuse is suddenly replaced by the contact of fabrics. As I am naturist, it is natural to me to practice naturist massage! The naturist massage, where the masseur and the client are both naked, is practiced in the same mutual respect than in a non-naturist massage. A massage in the nude is not the premise to a sexual intercourse!

Why Esalen Massage? I practiced it before even knowing that such a massage school exists!.

Why a sensual massage interests you more than a purely technical massage? It's in my nature to listen to the whole person, and I've never been afraid to express my sensual temper during a massage. By sensual we mean : listening through the tactile sense, among others, to the state and need of the person and practicing a massage according to what we feel. In such a sensual massage, the massage sequences, often improvised , can be extremely slow because they "work" almost every inch of the body! others can be very fast, others very localized, others spread over the entire length of the body, others deep, others very light. It is quite unpredictable.

Are your clients gay? I never communicate about each of my clients, about who they are, whether they prefer a naturist massage or not, whether they tell me they are gay or not. I believe that if my clients want to talk about my massage or me, it belongs to them, it’s not me who should talk about my clients. Generally, even in my private life, I never communicate private information about people I know. And anyway I do not held statistics!

What is a gay massage? Well, I don’t know! whether the person asking me a massage is gay or not, doesn’t interst me, because it does not change the practice of massage. I think the notion of gay massage is mostly a way to suggest that gay clients may feel comfortable with the masseur. On the other hand, I wonder why a gay masseur would be more gifted than non-gay masseur, for the massage is primarily the expression of a talent in listening and communicating between bodies. Sexual orientation plays no role. I got massages by gay masseurs and  non-gay masseurs, and I did not find any correlation between their massage competence and their sexual orientation.

What happens during a naturist massage? The same as in a non-naturist massage, except that the client and myself are naked. We do not take off our clothes together, he undresses in the massage room and I undress in the bathroom except when we already know each other quite well, then it's different,  we get naked, naturally, as we are taking news of each other and are talking before the massage.

Is not a sensual massage, as an Esalen massage, ambiguous when it is naturist? Esalen massage involves extensive contact with the body, it can be regarded as a sensual massage for listening to the sensuous condition of the client. Such a "sensual" massage might be ambiguous in a naturist massage ( or non-naturist as well!) if I were ambiguous, but this is not the case. A naturist massage, even quite sensual, causes no reaction in me, I am fully available to the massage, then there is no room for anything else. Obviously, and naturally enough, some clients can indulge in imagining something else, this is no big deal, everyone reacts in its own way, it is not to be judged, but as I am not available for that, they slide back quickly in a total letting go in the massage and thanks to the massage. And then we must understand what a sensual massage is. Sensual means : inclusion of  the wealth of tactile sense in listening to the state and need of the person and practice of a massage as a unique and individualized response. In a sensual massage, some massages sequences , largely improvised and particular to each client, are extremely slow because they "work" almost every inch of the body! other very fast, others very localized, others pass on the full range of body, others quite deep, others very light.

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