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Full Relaxation For Men

Relaxation Massage

Get a full relaxation massage in pleasant, relaxing, air conditionned, warm and friendly surroundings! Ultra Sensory  massage to deepen your body and psychic well being.

The 2 hour program includes the sensoriality opening through guided mutual touch session


Our mutual discovery chat allows me to shape the massage to your needs.


Bio fragrance free oils, shower facility on site, non healing massages.


Tarifs in Normandy

Duration 60 minutes :     90 euros

Duration 90 minutes :   135 euros

Duration 120 minutes* :180 euros

(* : Sensorial Opening by Guided Mutual Contact Session)

Français / English

By appointment, day, early evening, Paris 9th district, close to all transportation means. For a very same day appointment, please call but don't email. If I can't take your call, thanks for leaving your phone number on my voice mail, I'll call you back.


Pierre  +33 (0) 783 773 274  Email



Any questions about relaxation massages for men? Here are those that I most often got, with their answers. But nothing beats a real exchange, then please call me!

Is the massage a sensual massage ?    Sensuality is an important part of Esalen massage because the masseur is listening to his client and resonates with him through respiration, presence and touch. In this way, yes, it is a sensual massage.

Why a massage institute for men? Because it corresponds to the expectations of many male clients :  to find themselves in a male only environment, and to practice as masseur for men suits me perfectly.

Are you a gay masseur? I don’t undestand well why be a gay masseur or not would make a big difference in skills, I do not think that only gay masseurs are good at giving a massage to men, or are necessarily better masseurs for men ... I was massaged by gay masseurs, straight masseurs and masseuses, and frankly I saw no correlation between the quality of touch, attention, listening, harmony and sexual orientation of the masseur, although personally, I feel better in the hands of a male masseur. The massage is not gay, or one must explain to me how it differs from other massage. Personally I do not care about the sexual orientation of my clients, because we are talking about massages and I hope that my clients gay or not gay don’t hold me to be only a gay masseur!

Is a naturist massage at the same rate as a non-naturist massage? Yes, a nude massage does no request from me any additional professional investment, I see no reason for a specific tariff for naturist massages.

What's a Sensioriality Opening by Mutual Touch session? After a 60 minute or 90 minute naturist massage, roles are exchanged. I then coach my client to develop his sensorial and sensual ability to express himself and perceive the other to fully develop his sensual and sensorial communication power. This is an excellent way to develop our sensual abilities and an outsanding way to release physical and psychological stress..

Can you recommend other massage institutes outside Paris? My massage institute is located in central Paris, convenient for my clients who come from province (near gare du Nord, gare de l'Est, Gare Saint Lazare, and easy access from Gare de Lyon and Gare Montparnasse). Unfortunately, I do not know any massage institute or masseur that I can recommend outside Paris or suburbs near Paris.

Why are you proposing a naturist massage? I offer the possibility of naturist massages for different reasons. In this type of relaxing massage, the client is naked, I think it puts us on an equal footing when I’m naked myself. Then, I find unpleasant when I receive massages to feel that the contact with the body of the masseur or masseuse is interrupted by the touch of a T-shirt, a jogging etc. Finally, being naturist myself, it seems natural to keep on being myself by offering a naturist massage! Naturist massages take place in the same mutual respect than non-naturist massages. Naked massage is not the beginnings to a sexual intercourse.

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